Datera CEO recovering after heart attack

Datera CEO Guy Churchward has suffered two heart attacks and is recovering after an operation to place three stents in his arteries.

The events are described in Tweets and a LinkedIn article he published on Monday, May 20. The article is no longer available.

Guy Churchward

Churchward experienced what he thought was a mild heart attack a couple of weeks ago and went to hospital for a check-up. The doctors diagnosed a blocked artery and inserted a stent in an artery that was 98 per cent closed.

Afterwards, and while a dye was being injected into his blood stream to aid a scan of his chest arteries, he collapsed with what appeared to be another heart attack.

He was resuscitated with chest paddles, while still conscious, and underwent further surgery, with two more stents inserted into partially blocked arteries.

His tweet says the attack was due to an inherited condition and not the common lifestyle causes of heart attacks.

Churchward, who became Datera’s CEO in December last year, is now recovering. We wish him well.