Datera goes Churchward

Startup Datera has a new CEO – exec chairman Guy Churchward who joined the board just four months ago.

Guy Churchward

Datera provides block-access, scale-out, server-based storage with its Elastic Data Fabric software running in x86 servers. This is supplied by Datera or bought off the shelf from Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HPE and Supermicro (see the hardware compatibility list here).

This software builds a virtual SAN which aggregates Optane, SATA and NVMe flash and disk storage. Features include auto-tiering and auto-migration of live data.  It supports S3 object storage access and containerised applications. and can either run on premises, with bare metal or virtual servers, or in the cloud.

Datera says its software provides a scale-out Data Services Platform which delivers millions of IOPS with sub-200uS latency. There is more information here.

Datera’s Data Services Platform

The company was founded in 2013 and received $40mn in A-round funding in 2016. We wouldn’t be surprised if a second funding round took place to help expand the company’s infrastructure and development.

The previous CEO, co-founder Marc Fleishmann, steps sideways to become President. Churchward was previously CEO at Data Torrent and an exec at Dell EMC, NetApp and BEA Systems before that. He will lead Datera’s intended market expansion, while Fleishmann will focus more on building strategic relationships, driving Datera’s vision, and refining its technical foundations.