A stitch in time saves…Veritas mines data to fix appliances before they break

Veritas appliances are to get much better at looking after their own health, thanks to a clever remote monitoring service.

Veritas Predictive Insights uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to deliver always-on proactive support for Veritas appliances.

Veritas says its VPI service uses years of encrypted event data from tens of thousands of Veritas appliances, and monitors system health, detects potential issues and creates proactive remediation before problems can occur. This could include a notification to install a patch, dispatching service personnel or initiating prescribed, on-site services.

VPI can also provide performance and capacity forecasting, as well as compliance determination. It all helps to reduce unplanned downtime, ensure faster time to fault resolution and lower the overall total costs of ownership. 

A customer has to enable an auto-support feature on a Veritas appliance. Telemetry is then continuously collected and processed by the VPI AI/ML Engine to generate a System Reliability Score (SRS) for each appliance. The information is visible in a dashboard for use by Veritas appliances services staff. It is also accessible to customers.

Veritas Predictive Insights is available now on Veritas Backup Appliances and will be available on Veritas Access and Flex appliances in the coming quarters.