Cohesity says Europe is going well. How well? Well…

Cohesity, the secondary storage converter, has 100 employees and 100 or more customers in EMEA. Not that the US company will talk hard numbers. But I have my sources.

That’s the thing about venture-backed companies on the pre-IPO bandwagon – financial details are scant and a few random factoids pumped out in the teaser press release never fails to annoy.

Yet here we are again, playing ball with the PR antics of a storage startup. Of course, Cohesity is a very big storage startup that has raised $410m to date including most recently $250m in June 2018.

The company is keen to show that it is a: putting the money to good use and b: generating sales momentum, albeit without telling anyone but investors and the I.R.S. what its sales revenues are.

Big in Europe

So in yesterday’s announcement, Cohesity boasted of its growth in EMEA and more specifically in some key European countries.

The UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, and Switzerland generated most sales growth in the region, according to Cohesity. That means some 80 new customers have been acquired.

Cohesity says EMEA revenues grew 365 per cent over the period, although not revealing any financial numbers.

Mohit Aron, Cohesity founder and CEO 

Klaus Seidl was headhunted from HPE SimpliVity to head up EMEA sales in November 2017. We know three EMEA execs were also lured from HPE SimpliVity in April this year.

Altogether Cohesity’s EMEA headcount has increased 78 per cent to near-100 over the past five quarters.

It’s a rewarding result for Cohesity’s decision to cough up the money to build out its EMEA infrastructure channel, sales, marketing and support infrastructure.