Dell EMC spruces up storage array line for SMBs

Dell EMC’s new PowerVault ME4 Series are for small and medium businesses: installable in 15 minutes, configurable in 15 more, and usable as either SAN array or direct-attached PowerEdge server storage (DAS).

The company says it has more than 400,000 installed PowerVault systems and notes that its percentage revenue share in the entry-level external array market is, according to IDC, greater than the next six competitors combined.

Compared to the previous entry-level PowerVault arrays the ME4 has 75 per cent more drives, 122 per cent higher capacity and a 4X increase in IOPS performance.

But  the product line is  entry-level, with no Xeon SP processors, only single and dual Broadwell-DE ones.


There are three models; ME4012, ME4024 and ME4084 with (you guessed it) 12, 24 and 84 drive slits respectively.   The ME4012 and 4024 are 2U boxes while the ME4084 needs a 5U chassis.The ME4012 takes 3.5-inch drives; the others are 2.5-inch. The drives can be SSDs or 15K, 10K and nearline 12Gbit/s SAS disk drives, with all-flash and hybrid configurations supported.

Maximum raw capacities are 3.1PB (ME4012), 3PB (ME4024), and 4PB (ME4084)

The systems support 10gig iSCSI, 16gig Fibre Channel and 12gig SAS connectivity.

There can be three media tiers with auto-tiering, RAID, distributed erasure coding, thin provisioning and snapshots, replication, volume copying, integration with VMware vCenter and SRM, and drive-level encryption.

There is an HTML5 user interface, enabling customers to use a web browser from anywhere to manage the boxes.

Check out the PowerVault ME4 spec sheet here and a datasheet here. The arrays are available now and pricing starts at less than $13,000.