Rubrik and Commvault bat for US cricket teams

Two enterprise data protection companies, one old, one new – both public – are sponsoring two US cricket teams.

Update. Veeam tells us it “has sponsored the Seattle Orcas cricket team for over a year now – the first in our market to sponsor a major cricket team.” 11 June 2024.

Newly public Rubrik is the official cybersecurity sponsor for the San Francisco Unicorns’ Major League Cricket (MLC) season starting July 5 this year. The Unicorns’ roster features World Cup winners and global talents from international teams including Australia, Pakistan, and New Zealand. Long-time public company Commvault is an associate sponsor of the defending champions of Major League Cricket, MI New York, where Accenture is the principal sponsor. MI (Mumbai Indians) New York is a T20 cricket team established in 2023. The T20 format is shorter and, hopefully, faster paced than world test cricket games, entailing just 20 overs per innings.

Rubrik CMO Andres Botero said: “Unicorns are unique, special – a phenomenon. This notable Bay Area team brings innovation, excellence, and resilience to the cricket pitch, making this partnership a perfect match.”

Rubrik said it shares a common philosophy with the SF Unicorns built around a commitment to recruiting exceptional talent, delivering innovation, and relentlessness. Rubrik’s brand will be prominently displayed on the Unicorns’ team assets and uniforms throughout the season. 

SF Unicorns co-owner Anand Rajaraman said: “Rubrik is exactly the kind of game-changing Unicorn the team is named for. This agreement is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence through talent, innovation and teamwork.”

Commvault CMO Anna Griffin also said in a statement: “Sponsoring the MI New York cricket team is Commvault’s opportunity to support one of the most dynamic and fast-growing sports in the world. It’s a no-brainer.”

Commvault’s sponsorship will feature opportunities to engage with fans including exclusive watch parties, contests, and cricket clinics with professional players. Fans, partners, and customers will also have the chance to join these events in the Dallas and Morrisville stadiums.

Griffin said: “This partnership not only allows us to engage with cricket fans but also reinforces our dedication to fostering community and resilience. We’re excited to share the Commvault spirit and support the MI New York team on their journey. We’re thrilled to connect with cricket fans and bring the Commvault spirit to the pitch.” 

Commvault said cricket is the second most watched sport globally, with more than 2.5 billion fans. As cricket’s popularity surges in the United States, Commvault’s collaboration with MI New York aims to bring the thrill of the game to a broader, more diverse audience. In Commvault’s view, it serves as an opportunity to educate an untapped global fan base about the importance of resilience – critical knowledge that is applicable to both personal and professional life, whether on the pitch or in a Commvault Cleanroom defending against cyberattacks. 

Mumbai Indians play in the Indian Premier League and is owned by Indiawin Sports Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest conglomerates. MI is a global cricketing force, with five T20 teams spanning three continents, and four countries including both men and women.

The San Francisco Unicorns, in partnership with MLC, plan to build a world-class home for the team in the Bay Area, which will seat up to 15,000 people and be capable of hosting major international cricket events. The team’s primary investors are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan, who are founding partners of data-driven venture firm, and previously founded US-focused database technology provider Junglee, which was sold to Amazon in 1998 for $250 million. 

For more details on the MI New York schedule and how to watch, visit Commvault’s official blog. Commvault is also associated with India’s Hyderabad Cricket League. Check out and to find out more about their partnership.