DataCore’s Swarm of one object storage

DataCore has released a single node object storage system for edge deployments.

Its S3-compliant Swarm product, based on acquired Caringo technology from 2021, has been containerized, using Maya Data OpenEBS PRO Kubernetes software, acquired in 2022, now enables swift local data processing with data stored, managed, and protected. A main benefit of object storage is that it scales out in a flat address space. A single node system prevents that scale out from happening, negating this benefit, but is worthwhile when edge applications need S3 protocol data access or other aspects of object storage software.

Abhijit Dey

A statement was put out by Abhijit Dey, DataCore’s Chief Product Officer: “Reflecting on Gartner’s prediction that by 2025, 75 percent of enterprise-generated data will be processed outside traditional datacenters, Single Node Swarm is DataCore’s response to this market shift.”

Single Node Swarm is software-defined, meaning, or so DataCore says, hardware freedom. It has built-in data protection and archiving, featuring encryption, immutability and WORM; resilience features to combat ransomware, unauthorized access, and data loss. The software has role-based access control and multi-tenancy. The idea is to provide object storage benefits at the point of data generation.

The software includes activity logging and hashing to help data integrity. Data is accessed using S3/HTTP(S). 

Once captured at the edge Single Node Swarm data can be transmitted up stream to central sites. Single Node Swarm can operate on its own or form part of a Swarm cluster with synchronized data. Cold data can be backed up from Swarm to Wasabi, S3 Glacier and object-based cloud and tape storage systems

DataCore says small branch IT environments in the healthcare, financial services, retail, education, travel, logistics, media and entertainment and remote search sites are possible deployment areas.

Single NodeSwarm can be deployed on any standard X86 server and storage setup and DataCore says it is low cost and simple to deploy.

The software competes with Scality’s cloud-native ARTESCA, which can be deployed on a single Linux server. Cloudian has an edge focus for its HyperStore object software, and, of course, MinIO object storage is always a factor when low-cost object storage at the edge or anywhere else is a topic for discussion.

Learn more here. Apply to DataCore for the hardware and operaing system requirements.