HPE expands GreenLake block storage to AWS

HPE has extended its block storage offering to AWS and scaled up its Alletra MP block service.

The GreenLake company says it can now “manage block storage across hybrid cloud environments,” meaning GreenLake Alletra block storage on-prem and in AWS. GreenLake is HPE’s cloud-like subscription service for its compute, network, and storage offerings. Alletra MP is a modular, scale-out storage product that can run block or file workloads, depending on the OS chosen.

Jim O'Dorisio, HPE
Jim O’Dorisio

Jim O’Dorisio, SVP and GM of HPE Storage, said: “While our competitors continue to sell storage as a service, we are offering a truly transformative platform-based approach for hybrid cloud management and data storage.” The main competitor would be Dell with its APEX cloud-like service.

Dell introduced APEX Block Storage for Azure in October last year, having already supported AWS and running it on-premises as well. GreenLake supports the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI on-premises offering and we can be fairly confident that there will be a GreenLake block storage for Azure offering coming.

The GreenLake block storage on Alletra MP service can now scale its NVMe SSD capacity up to 5.6 PB with up to 16 JBOF (Just a Bunch Of Flash) shelves, twice as much as before. There is support for 8-24 SSDs per enclosure, with the ability to upgrade drives in two-drive increments and controller nodes in increments of one. Controllers and JBOFs are connected by a redundant NVMe-oF switch fabric.

HPE Alletra Storage MP controller node
Alletra Storage MP controller node

Alletra MP also gets three-site replication for better data protection. This extra protection is buttressed by Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault supporting HPE Alletra MP, which was revealed a few days ago.

HPE 3PAR customer Alan Harper, director of corporate technology at Shawbrook Bank Limited, said: “HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is the right solution to replace our HPE 3PAR arrays because it gives us a 100 percent data availability for our mission-critical workloads and the flexibility to scale performance and capacity as our data needs expand.”

Customers can move data from legacy HPE storage arrays to GreenLake for Block Storage Alletra MP online non-disruptively and without complex planning or dependency on extra tools by using the GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console.

Alletra MP now supports HPE’s Infosight AIOps with cross-stack analytics.

Infosight AIOps, integrated into GreenLake, provides full IT stack analytics to help users proactively avoid latency issues that reduce workload performance. HPE claims that correlation of resources combined with the AIOps engine enables customers to observe, predict, and mitigate disruptions across virtual machine, storage, network, compute, and cloud infrastructure components.

All this enables “workload visibility, improved performance, higher availability and optimized resource utilization.”

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition now supports the Alletra MP and SimpliVity Gen 11 HCI offerings.

HPE GreenLake Block Storage for AWS is available to order from the end of May 2024. HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition with choice of HPE Alletra MP or HPE SimpliVity Gen11 is available in July.