Quantum getting SMB speed boost for StorNext and Myriad

Quantum is using SMB IP from Finnish outfit Tuxera to boost its StorNext file management and Myriad operating system software products.

Tuxera produces embedded file systems and data networking software. Its customers include Kioxia, Fujitsu, Lenovo, and now Quantum. It has an SMB partner agreement with Microsoft enabling it to provide SMB technology and an SMB patent license. 

StorNext, a hierarchical file manager spanning flash, disk, and tape stores, is popular in the entertainment and media market. Myriad is a new all-flash file and object storage OS based on a core key/value store. Tuxera’s Fusion File Share SMB technology is being added to both StorNext and Myriad, which furthers Quantum’s vision of offering an end-to-end unstructured data and AI platform, available in both software-only and appliance options.

Nick Elvester, product operations VP at Quantum, said: “Our StorNext and Myriad customers are building ever larger teams of connected users, investing more in Ethernet infrastructure, and facing challenging requirements such as 8K, high frame rates, and HDR, which are pushing the limits of client connectivity. Adding Fusion File Share technology helps them effortlessly serve Windows, macOS, and Linux client systems with incredible performance and efficiency at scale.”

Tuxera says it’s the only company to offer fully licensed, high-availability, cloud-scale SMB software for enterprise storage requirements, as well as SMB for embedded devices.

According to Quantum, Tuxera’s patented Fusion File Share (FFS) software dramatically boosts file service performance and delivers enterprise-grade stability with features like SMB Direct RDMA, SMB scale-out, SMB Multichannel, SMB witness protocol, and persistent file handles.

It will offer FFS as an installation upgrade option for new and existing StorNext customers, boosting SMB file service performance to meet the demands of large teams of macOS, Windows, and Linux clients, serve larger files more efficiently, and deliver higher performance to their applications.

Customers deploying FFS on StorNext v7.2 volumes built with Quantum F-Series NVMe storage appliances will see the fastest SMB performance on StorNext. A single Windows client, using SMB Direct RDMA, can read SMB share data in excess of 10 GBps using 100 Gb Ethernet. Quantum claims this is extreme performance for ingest or streaming workflows, which is just not possible when using systems without SMB Direct.

Heather Goring, Tuxera director of sales for the Americas, said: “We’re especially excited to see Quantum integrate StorNext with NVMe-oF features to deliver extraordinary performance and make full use of our advanced features such as SMB Direct and SMB Multichannel, and as a core client service integration within Myriad.”

The SMB capabilities will be available for early access customers for both StorNext and Myriad in Q2. StorNext customers can then purchase the solution in Q3 as a turnkey Quantum Professional Services bundle that includes full-service installation, configuration, and management. The feature will be generally available for all Myriad customers in Q3.

Quantum will be demonstrating Fusion File Share on StorNext 7.2 and on Myriad at the NAB 2024 show April 13-17 in booth SL5083.

Get access to Fusion File Share specs here.