Coldago object storage rankings spark industry debate

Coldago analyst Philippe Nicolas has updated his annual object storage supplier map, dropping Cohesity, Commvault, and WekaIO, and adding Huawei.

The map is a variant on the classic four-box diagram with a vertical Execution and Capabilities axis and a Vision and Strategy horizontal axis. There are four columns running from left to right: Niches, Specialists, Challengers, and Leaders. The closer a supplier is to the diagonal line running from the bottom left to the top right, the better their balance is between their Execution and Capabilities capability and their Vision and Strategy. On this criterion DataCore, MinIO, Cloudian, Quantum, and Spectra Logic score higher on Vision and Strategy than on their capability for Execution, while the other suppliers are more balanced.

Nicolas says that he had revised the measurement criteria for the object map. This year’s list has 13 suppliers contrasting with the 15 a year ago. There are nine leaders and four challengers compared to last year’s seven leaders, seven challengers, and one specialist. That means 69 percent of the suppliers mentioned in the new map are leaders, indicating that this is a mature market.

The latest Coldago map for object storage:

Coldago object storage map 2023

IBM, Pure Storage, Hitachi Vantara, and NetApp are the top four leaders closely followed by Dell. DataCore, MinIO, Cloudian, and Quantum make up a second leader’s group with a lower ranking. VAST Data and Huawei are the top Challengers with Scality and Spectra Logic trailing behind.

Here is last year’s map for comparison:

Coldago object storage map 2022

We summarized each supplier’s status and changes in a table:

Coldago object storage rankings

We asked Scality CEO Jerome Lecat about his firm’s placement and he said: “Well I am shocked! I can assure you that Philippe Nicolas/Codalgo did not reach out for any question or input, and as far as we know he did not talk to any of our customers. I really wonder on what basis he established his ranking.

“We just finished a banner year, with ARTESCA beating our target by 50 percent with over 400 percent growth, and RING as strong as ever. Actually, our largest customers, who often have also deployed one of our competitors, tell us that we are years ahead of our competition when it comes to cloud infrastructure.”

The Coldago report has 48 pages and includes vendor details, selection and status criteria, and methodologies, plus vendors to watch, those that were added those that were dropped. If you want to understand the reasoning behind each supplier’s presence and placement on the map then you’ll have to stump up $7,990, which you can set in process by emailing