Tiger Tech gets a head transplant

Tiger Technology has a new CEO and full-time COO as its founder looks looks to expand the company across four continents: Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

Tiger Technology provides a hybrid multi-cloud file namespace for Windows Servers. It has several products: Tiger Store on-premises file sharing; Tiger Pool, which combines multiple volumes into a single pool; Tiger Spaces file sharing among work group members; and the Tiger Bridge cloud storage gateway, syncing and tiering product. The latter enables file tiering from on-premises servers to cloud-based file and object stores. 

The company was founded in Bulgaria in 2003 by Alexander Lefterov, who was its CEO up until now. Lefterov had previously founded over 10 high-tech companies and sold several of them. There are some 70-80 employees and it sells into the general file sharing and tiering markets and specialized ones such as digital pathology and surveillance with surveillance files tiered to the public cloud. There are more than 11,000 Tiger customers.

Iravan Hira (left) and Alexander Lefterov (right)

The new CEO is Iravan Hira who has held managerial roles at HP and HPE, being MD in Bulgaria for both and a 21-year HP+HPE veteran, also at Karoll Capital Management. He was most recently the managing editor for the Bulgarian division of the Financial Times. A supplied Hira quote said: ”I have been following Tiger Technology for several years, and I believe that together with Alex, we will elevate the company to new heights, meeting the exponentially growing demand for our innovative data storage and management solutions in a hybrid environment.”

He inherits a business organization with CEOs for two subsidiary units: Lance Kelson in the USA, who runs Tiger Surveillance, and Nikola Apostolov who leads Tiger Health Technology in Bulgaria. Lefterov’s new role has not been revealed but we understand it to be a CTO-like role with him being chairman as well.

Mila Petrova

Lefterov thinks that Tiger can expand within an AI-influenced market, because customers need their locally stored and managed data used by AI process in the cloud. Tiger’s tech can be used to make that locally held data available to cloud AI. He said: “I’ve been observing the changes in the world as well as technological needs, and I see we are on the threshold of a new era. I want to participate in this transformation, and I understand that I can do it much more effectively if I focus on technology.”

He needed a replacement CEO. In his view: “Since technology and business are inextricably linked, I’ve realized the need to invite a visionary in business on this journey. In Iravan, I find the experience, the skills, and that flair for expansion that will unleash our potential to bring value by solving global problems in digital transformation.”

To help scale the business, Mila Petrova becomes Tiger’s full-time COO, having being part-time since January. She was previously a commercial director at Shell, and subsequently its Digital Development Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.