HYCU reaches 50 SaaS app connector landmark

HYCU now has 50 connectors for SaaS applications to integrate with its SaaS backup services.

SaaS apps store customer data and the customers need to protect that data as the SaaS app suppliers only protect their own infrastructure. There are tens of thousands of SaaS apps and a 2-way obstacle to getting customer data protected. No backup supplier can add support for the thousands of SaaS applications and they tend to support the main ones, like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Service Now. Secondly, the 30,000-plus SaaS application providers cannot integrate their apps with all the data protection supplier’s products and services. HYCU identified a need for a massive increase in SaaS app integration with its backup services and developed its R-Cloud and an API for SaaS app vendors to use.

Simon Taylor, HYCU
Simon Taylor

HYCU CEO and co-founder Simon Taylor has written a book about this. He said in a statement: “Introducing R-Cloud unlocked the ability to visualize an entire data estate, learn what data was protected and unprotected, and with 1-click simplicity, turn on protection when no other way was possible. This offered companies a simple yet powerful way to protect their entire data landscape. Today’s milestone marks not just an achievement, but a promise of our platform’s transformative power.”

The R-Cloud service enables a customer to understand what SaaS apps they use. The API, plus a low code development platform, enables a SaaS app developer to integrate with – connect to – HYCU so its customers can get their data protected.

Jerome Wendt, founder and principal of industry analyst firm DCIG, said: “SaaS providers largely expect their clients to take responsibility for protecting the data they store with them. At the same time, SaaS providers offer no easy or scalable options for organizations to back up data in their platforms. HYCU has changed this conversation with the introduction of R-Cloud. It provides a process for providers to develop and embed a backup module in their SaaS application.”

HYCU already had a set of supported SaaS apps and has added more than 40 new SaaS app partners over the last few months to accelerate the development of the modules and deliver integrations to protect user data. It has also trained staff within each of these partner organizations to help augment their existing capabilities and services to add as-a-Service protection. 

The list of HYCU protected cloud services includes:

  • Compute and storage services: This includes AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Google services like GCE, GCS, and GKE, VMware and Nutanix running on Public Clouds, Dell PowerScale family, NetApp. 
  • Database as a Services: Including Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Google AlloyDB, Google BigQuery, Google CloudSQL, and Amazon DynamoDB.  
  • Platform services: Including AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS CloudFormation,  Google Cloud Artifacts, Google Cloud AppEngine, Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS, Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure, Okta CIAM, Okta Workforce Identity Cloud. 
  • SaaS applications: Including Asana, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Management, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Miro, Notion, Salesforce, Typeform, and Terraform. 

HYCU says it aims to protect the app ecosystem from build to runtime. It now claims to protect more SaaS apps and services than any other supplier and is on its way to hit its 100 SaaS app protection target by the end of the year. We expect other backup suppliers to follow suit in 2024.