Xinnor scores benchmark record with PCIe gen 5 RAID

Xinnor claims world record PCIe gen 5 SSD performance with its xiRAID software RAID.

This test run used 24 x 3.2TB Kioxia CM7-V NVMe SSDs, each rated at 2.7 million/600,000 random read/write IOPS, 14GBPs sequential read, and 6.75GBps sequential write bandwidth. The two dozen SSDs were loaded into a Supermicro AS-2125HS-TNR server with 2 x 64-core AMD Genoa CPUs and a PCIe gen 5 bus. Xinnor created 2 xiRAID groups with RAID level 5 over 12 drives, each group connected to a single NUMA node. It said this configuration provided the best performance and protection for drive failure for each RAID group.

According to the benchmark results, the vendor achieved 100 percent of the theoretical read and write IOPS, 92 percent of the theoretical read bandwidth and 97 percent of the theoretical write bandwidth.

Xinnor had previously run a test using a dozen CM7-R (Read-intensive) SSDs in August, claiming a world record then, and we have tabulated the two sets of results:

The efficiency of the Xinnor xiRAID software was calculated based on the actual performance as a percentage of the theoretical performance. The table shows that Xinnor achieved substantial efficiency gains with the CM7-V mixed used SSDs compared to the CM7-Rs, particularly in the random read and write numbers. 

Xinnor said of the CM7-V result: “it’s remarkable that these record performances were achieved by using only 16 out of the 128 available cores for running both the data flow as well as xiRAID calculations. In random operations, xiRAID calculations only required 3-9 percent of half of the cores. Such low CPU utilization is critical in compute intensive application as all the other available cores can be used for what they are meant for: running the HPC/AI models.” 

The CM7-V is a mixed use SSD whereas the CM7-R is focussed on read-intensive workloads.

Xinnor CM7-V test run video screengrab

Xinnor will demonstrate this performance at SC’23 in Denver. It provided a link to a Google Drive video file showing the performance for random/sequential writes/reads.


  • xiRAID configuration: 2x RAID level 5; Server: 1x Supermicro AS-2125HS-TNR, CPUs: 2x AMD EPYC 9534 64-Core Processor @ 2450 MHz, Memory: 24x Micron 32 GB DIMMS @ 4800 MT/s.
  • Drives: 1x KIOXIA CD7 (boot drive), 24x KIOXIA CM7 3.2 TB KCMYXVUG3T20 drives.
  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, Kernel: 5.15.0-87-generic.