Backblaze B2 cloud / Stores HYCU backup data / In a low cost vault

Backblaze and HYCU against a Japanese haiku background

Cloud storage provider Backblaze has inked a deal with SaaS backup supplier HYCU.

Backblaze provides S3-compliant B2 cloud storage more affordably than Amazon S3 and with no egress charges. It costs $6/TB/month on a pay-as-you-go basis whereas Amazon S3 costs $26/TB/month with a $0.09/GB egress charge. HYCU is a fast-growing on-premises and in-cloud SaaS backup supplier with a strong focus on protecting customer data in SaaS apps. Now HYCU customers can store their HYCU DPaaS (Data Protection-as-a-Service) backups in Backblaze’s cloud repository.

HYCU SVP Product Subbiah Sundaram said: “Our collaboration with Backblaze now offers joint customers a cost-effective and scalable data protection solution combining the best in backup and recovery with Backblaze’s streamlined and secure cloud storage.”

HYCU and Backblaze reckon customers will get performance as B2 Cloud Storage has a 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement (SLA) and no cold delays or speed premiums. Its Object Lock feature provides data immutability, which protects backups from ransomware and satisfies evolving cyber insurance requirements.

Elton Carneiro, senior director of Partnerships at Backblaze, said: “Backblaze and HYCU is a game changer for higher education organizations and businesses who need flexible data management and storage. This partnership brings together HYCU’s speed and Backblaze’s affordability, and both platform’s simplicity.”

HYCU provides a number of other services beyond vanilla backup, such as data migration and disaster recovery. A Backblaze blog notes that HYCU “gives customers the ability to recover from disaster almost instantly, keeping them online and in business, with an average recovery time of 10 minutes.”

The two companies said that the integration is the first step in their partnership, with the intention to offer Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage as a part of HYCU’s data protection portfolio in the future.