Commvault in the market for new CMO

Commvault has confirmed that Isabelle Guis is leaving her chief marketing officer (CMO) role and a spokesperson said a transition announcement will be made in the coming days.

Isabelle Guis, Commvault
Isabelle Guis

Isabelle Guis was hired as Commvault’s CMO in January 2021, having previously been VP product marketing for sales cloud at Salesforce (July 2018 to December 2020) with a chief strategy and marketing officer role at Egnyte (2014 to 2018) and an EMC product marketing and strategy role prior to that, as well as time at Cisco, Avaya and Big Switch.

The business transformation exec’s stint at Commvault has lasted two years and a month. She joined Commvault being particularly excited about its Metallic SaaS offering.

On joining she said: “As the company doubles down on innovation in cloud and SaaS (as proven by recent announcements with Microsoft, the Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) launch, and the Metallic portfolio expansion), I’m confident my experience can help these new ventures excel.”

Metallic revenues have risen during her time at Commvault. At the end of the final calender 2021 quarter, services revenue was up 4 percent annually at $103.8 million, driven primarily by an increase in Metallic SaaS revenue, with 400-plus new Metallic customers in the quarter, taking the total to around 1,500.

A year later Commvault’s preliminary revenue estimates showed a downturn, hence the prelim announcement, but services revenue was $105.5 million, an increase of 2 percent year over year, again driven by Metallic. 

Annualized recurring revenue (ARR) was up around 14 percent to $641 million, also driven by continued strength in Metallic. Combined subscription and Metallic ARR represented about 70 percent of Commvault’s total ARR. The full quarter’s results will arrive at the end of January.