Storage news ticker – June 7

DPU and composable infrastructure supplier Fungible has announced Fungible Storage Cluster (FSC) 4.1, providing support for vSphere environments requiring high performance. Its all-flash array based on NVMe/TCP is now certified for vSphere and available for VMware virtualized environments. Customers can plug FSC storage into their ESXi servers with NVMe/TCP and get what appears to be local storage. The resulting performance is nearly identical to local storage even though it is a shared resource, Fungible said. vSphere users may also see storage cost savings since FSC’s erasure coding provides robust data protection which can be less expensive than traditional RF1 or RF2 replication.

Commvault chief revenue officer Riccardo Di Blasio has sold 17,182 shares at $65.03/share to receive $1,117,345.46. An SEC filing reports the details.

Open-source database company EDB has received “majority growth investment” from Bain Capital Private Equity to help it grow. This means Bain owns more than 50 percent of EDB, whose technology accelerates Postgres for enterprise customers. Ed Boyajian will stay on as president and CEO. Great Hill Partners, which acquired EDB in 2019, will maintain a significant shareholding. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. EDB serves more than 1,500 customers in 86 countries, including leading financial services, government, media and communications, and information technology organisations such as Dell EMC, Ericsson KT Corporation, Mastercard, Nokia, Siemens, and Sony. The open-source services market is projected to reach $66 billion by 2026.

File-based collaboration supplier Panzura has appointed David Wigglesworth as its new global VP of sales. He has served in senior leadership roles at EMC, OVH, VMware, and most recently Commvault. Panzura says that since its “refounding” in 2020, led by CEO Jill Stelfox and CRO Dan Waldschmidt, it has brought seven products to market, more than doubled its annual recurring revenue (ARR), and has achieved a pace of growth 4x that of its competitors. By June 2023, the company is expecting to achieve $100 million ARR.

Object storage supplier Scality has provided an unnamed US bank a primary 80PB data lake with a secondary disaster recovery (DR) site, active/active access and sub-60-second RPO across two datacenters separated by over 1,200 miles. The bank now has a fully active secondary site that avoids the disadvantages of an idle (passive) hot-standby setup. This RING setup was part of a $100 million HPE GreenLake deployment. It provides high-performance S3 API access, with peak performance rates to support hundreds of terabytes per day of new data being written and simultaneously replicated to the other site. RING replication is near-instantaneous in asynchronous mode. In the event one of the sites suffers an outage or failure, applications will access data seamlessly and without disruption so the bank can continue normal operations, Scality says.

Software-defined storage supplier StorPool Storage has said Namecheap, the world’s second-largest domain retailer and global hosting provider, is using its storage software as part of a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. The hardware is Supermicro servers with 64-core AMD EPYC 7742 processors and NVMe SSDs. The system cures noisy neighbor problems with the previous fleet of servers and directly attached storage.

SUSE Rancher now has more robust container storage. Longhorn 1.3 delivers an enhanced API using Kubernetes CRDs, which allows Longhorn settings to be customized via kubectl and GitOps-based tools. Customers also get a new storage area network, which accelerates storage replication performance through dedicated NICs, volume cloning support that duplicates environments, and persistent data for scaling, testing, and validating cloud-native apps.