VAST Data becoming vaster in stagnant marketplace

All-flash storage supplier VAST Data has international expansion and development plans for Europe and Asia.

VAST has opened up operations in the UK, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Korea. These are being followed by further expansion across EMEA with Benelux, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the Nordics, and in Asia with Japan. 

Renen Hallak, founder and CEO of VAST Data, issued a statement: “In just a few short years we’ve become one of the fastest growing storage companies ever, disrupting a stagnant marketplace and challenging the status quo to solve old storage dilemmas for the new data-driven world.”

Stagnant indeed. Quite a few startups and incumbents would disagree with that sentiment.

Peter Gadd, international VP, said: “We have great technology, we have a great team and we have a great partner network. The market opportunity is huge and we are well primed to take advantage of the seismic shifts we see in data and storage over the next few years.”

VAST has also signed agreements with distribution partners across its international territories including Spinnaker in the UK, Arrow Electronics in Europe, Logicom in the Middle East and Africa, TechData in Australia, ASI in New Zealand and ASBISC Enterprises PLC in Russia, as well as Eastern and Central Europe.

All territories will be supported by in-region sales, technical support, marketing and customer services functions.

Hallak said “The plan now is to scale our Universal Storage platform into International markets, helping enterprises meet the challenges of exponential data growth, access complexity and speed. We believe it’s time for modern enterprises to rethink the whole data and storage landscape to take advantage and leverage the benefits of ‘clouds of flash’ for their AI, analytics and data protection strategies.”

There were some punchy customer comments accompanying VAST’s announcement.

Simon Blackler, CEO at Krystal, a UK based internet services company: “With VAST we can out-service and out-innovate the cloud giants, enabling us to deliver our customers shared services with higher performance at a lower price point.”

Tim Scheurenbrand, director of IT at Germany-based bioinformatics outfit CeGaT: “VAST’s all-flash storage … allowed us to reduce the time taken to process sample data from 24–48 hours to just two hours.”


VAST is taking full advantage of the price/performance window provided by its all-QLC flash, Optane-enhanced, single-tier scale-out Universal Storage product technology. It should be able to reproduce the success it has had in North America in the Europe, MiddleEast and Asia-Pacific regions. Latin America, it appears, will have to wait.

Assuming good progress then, in 12 months time, VAST’s revenues could be increased by 50 per cent or more. Such business expansion will surely result in an IPO or an acquisition.