Coldago storage Gems report has decent hit rate

Storage industry research outfit Coldago has released a Gems report showing showing five players to watch in the coming months. The five nominees were named “as a result of a their vision, product development and execution with a serious aspect on the technology and product innovations.” They are Fungible, Lightbits, Liqid, Model9 and VAST Data. The complete list is:

We looked back at the past 12 years of Gems reports to see what’s happened to each year’s five nominees:

Twenty two out of the fifty have been bought. Two have crashed: Coho Data and Datera. Two have pivoted/rebranded/evolved: Kaminario became Silk and Primary Data became Hammerspace. Eight have had fresh funding rounds and one – Cohesity – has filed for an IPO.

Twenty five acquisitions (three in distress) versus two crashes. Looks like a decent hit rate for Coldago.