Ondat’s Kubernetes SaaSification

Ondat, the renamed StorageOS, is beta-launching a SaaS platform for customers to deploy and manage stateful Kubernetes applications with persistent data volumes.

It provides operators with a holistic view of their Kubernetes and data resources enabling them to manage those from one place. It is also possible for customers to deploy their own database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to their users.

Archana Venkatraman, associate research director — cloud data management, IDC Europe, provided an announcement statement: “As more stateful workloads migrate to Kubernetes environments, access to enterprise-grade data services are essential for success. Access to persistent data volumes and ability to deploy database as a service in a self-service way empowers developers and ensures stability, security and robustness of containers at scale.”

Persistent volume details on Ondat SaaS platform screen.

Ondat says its SaaS platform, by offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, lets them move their business data freely between platforms. Operators and DevOps teams don’t have to use a command line to log in to Kubernetes clusters — they use this SaaS offering instead.

James Brown, head of product and platforms at Ondat, said: “The SaaS platform allows teams to deploy consistent production-ready data services while preventing lock-in to legacy storage vendors and cloud providers.”

Sign up for the beta release here.