3-2-1 — Portworx PX-Backup supports golden rule

Pure’s Portworx business unit has updated its container PX-Backup software to add support for file shares, object storage targets, inter-cloud portability and encryption.

PX-Backup v2.1 can back up Kubernetes applications running in one cloud — AWS, Azure or GCP — or on-premises datacentre and restore them in any other cloud or datacentre and across Kubernetes versions, stateful or not. Customers can restore into a Portworx target volume from a non-Portworx source volume.

It can also send backups from CSI snapshots to object storage. (We guess this basically means it can export them to an S3 target.)This helps customers satisfy a 3-2-1 backup regimen in which there are three copies of data on two different media with a copy off site for disaster recovery. 

Customers running Kubernetes apps on Portworx PX-Store, any CSI-compliant storage service, or cloud-based storage can now use PX-Backup to maintain three copies of data (production, snapshots, backup copy) across both disk and object storage. But, unless the object storage is not on disk, the two-media part of the rule is not obeyed. If production is on flash and the other copies are on disk then the two-media rule is honoured. 

Portworx PX-Backup file backup video.

Version 2.1 can now back up and recover applications running on read-write-many (RWX) persistent volumes provisioned as file shares from FlashBlade, Portworx proxy volumes, or any NFS server. A video discusses this.

PX-Backup users can now leverage both the role-based access controls and encryption services offered in Portworx PX-Secure, gaining an added layer of security.

A blog by Portworx technical marketing manager Ryan Wallner discusses PX-Backup v2.1 in more detail. PX-Backup 2.1 will be available in next month.