NetApp setting up streaming TV service — but Netflix is in no danger of being stung

NetApp is setting up its own streaming TV service, starting with digital content from its Insight 2021 virtual event and including a performance by Sting. You remember Sting?

Whitney Cummings.

There will be an Insight event channel on the service, and the Insight event is morphing from an annual show to an always-on online hub for on-demand and live content. As well as broadcasting webcasting a live Sting performance, NetApp’s Insight channel will feature hosting by Whitney Cummings — billed as “the reigning Queen of American stand-up”.

A sample Cummings joke goes: “Found a fragrance called Vixen. Guess they can’t name them after the people who actually wear them. Nobody’s going to buy Secretary.”

And another: “Stand-up is a lot like sex. There’s a lot of crying involved and I get paid to do it.”

We wonder — we seriously wonder — just how rude she will be and what she will say about NetApp.

We envisage NetApp TV being like a series of video blogs, podcasts and interviews, with execs and customer people, about NetApp’s products, services and views on industry trends. Maybe it will use it for product and service launches as well.

NetApp Insight 2021 runs from October 20 to 21 and you can register here.