Gartner 2021 files and objects MQ gets Purified, Nutanixed and Wekanated

Pure Storage has become a leader in Gartner’s latest Distributed File Systems and Object Storage magic quadrant, and both Nutanix and Weka enter this MQ for the first time.

The files and object storage MQ is produced once a year and features the  well-known Leaders, Challengers, Niche Players and Visionaries quadrants in a square chart with Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision axes. Suppliers are scored on various attributes of these two concepts and then placed in the MQ diagram according to their summed and weighted scores, with a presence towards the top right being desirable. That area has the highest ability to execute and completeness of vision

We reproduce last year’s MQ alongside the latest version we that we can see how supplier positions have changed and which suppliers have exited and entered the Gartner analysts’ view of this field; 

The 2020 (left) and 2021 (right) MQ diagrams from Gartner’s Distributed File Systems and Object Storage report.

As before Dell and IBM are the two leaders, with Dell top of the tree. Scality and Qumulo are also in the Leaders’ quadrant.

Pure Storage, with its FlashBlade product, has been promoted from a Challenger to the Leaders’ quadrant. Matt Burr, VP and GM, FlashBlade, at Pure Storage, issued a quote bigging up the company, the product and Gartner: “Since FlashBlade’s inception, we have believed that unifying unstructured file and object data to consolidate workloads on a single platform is critical to powering the future of modern applications. It is great to see the industry follow suit and our position in this Magic Quadrant validate this vision. This is an honor we could not have achieved without our great team, customers, and partners.”

You can get a copy of Gartner’s report from Pure’s website, with no registration required, and also from Nutanix and Weka, where registrations are needed.

Nutanix, with its Files and Objects offering, and Weka, with its WekaFS product, are first-time Challengers and both are delighted to be included. 

Rajiv Mirani, Nutanix CTO, put out a statement: “We believe being named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed Files and Objects Storage is a significant recognition of Nutanix’s storage offerings, which aim to simplify and lower operating costs.” 

Liran Zvibel, Co-founder and CEO at Weka, said: “We are extremely pleased that Gartner has placed Weka in the Visionaries quadrant, which definitely is fitting for us at this stage of growth.”

MQ entry is great free marketing for both Nutanix and Weka, and Pure of course, apart from having to pay Gartner for the right to distribute report copies that is.

Quantum has changed square, moving from the Challenger’s quadrant to the Visionaries one. The Gartnerites reckon its ability to execute has decreased but its vision has become more complete. The report says: “ActiveScale is lacking in feature parity compared to its competitors. For example, it is missing features such as data deduplication and compression, QoS, mixed flash support, NFSv4 and SMB, hybrid cloud integration, and dual protocol access.”

Object storage supplier Caringo is the only deleted vendor in this MQ. It has been bought by DataCore and its position has not been inherited by DataCore.

Cohesity, Minio and VAST Data get honourable mentions in this MQ report for being “noteworthy vendors that did not meet all inclusion criteria, but that could be appropriate for clients, contingent on requirements”.