Datadobi develops faster, better migration engine

File and object data migrator Datadobi has updated the underlying software engine used by its DobiMigrate and DobiProtect products, making it faster and more reliable.

DobiMigrate moves file and object data between multiple on-premises vendors’ products and multiple public clouds. DobiProtect creates a golden and immutable copy of file and object data on any vendor’s NAS filer or in the public cloud as a protection against ransomware.

Carl D’Halluin, Datadobi’s CTO, provided an announcement quote, saying: “The scale and complexity of unstructured data in today’s heterogenous storage environments have proven to be quite a challenge for organisations … “Datadobi’s engine enables customers and partners alike to gain control of and utilise their unstructured data across environments on-premises and in the cloud.”

Version 5.12 of the software engine has two main additions. First, the NFS and SMB file access layers in the engine have been re-architected for data copying and filesystem integrity verification in multi-vendor environments. There are low-level NFS and SMB stack optimisations for data and metadata, smart protocol communication pipelining, and Datadobi has parallelised the file access workloads over multiple servers.

That should make moving data faster and scaling better. In fact Datadobi claims the engine’s data copy and verification speed is now far ahead of any competing product.

Second, Datadobi claims a patent-pending chain of custody technology allows detailed reasoning about data and metadata semantic equality during a data copy job, eliminating inter-vendor incompatibilities and vendor-specific behaviour during multi-protocol migrations. This increases the data and metadata integrity preservation during the data move.

Semantic equivalence or equality means that two data elements from different sources (vocabularies) have data with similar meaning — through class or concept equivalence, property or attribute equivalence, or instance equivalence.

Layered engine

The v5.12 engine has five layers:

  1. Orchestration — automated data mobility and protection processes.
  2. Insights and Intelligence — scanning and reporting technology into an entire unstructured data lake, discovering how data is distributed over servers and cost centres.
  3. Integrity Enforcement Technology — data verification, data read-back, chain of custody, and fine-grained data and metadata integrity levels.
  4. Interoperability — connectivity with other vendor’s storage products and the public clouds.
  5. Scan and Copy.

The software is available now and Datadobi says it will support a roadmap of coming new features.