Datadobi gives object lesson in migrating S3 data

Datadobi, the file data migration specialist, has added S3 object transfer to its capabilities.

The company has supported S3 since 2017 via Dobisync, a product that copies files to an S3 target as a form of data protection. It has updated the technology to migrate from any S3 source to any S3 target and has included this tool in DobiMigrate 5.9, which hit the streets yesterday.

Carl D’Halluin, Datadobi CTO, said the new software release incorporates “everything we have learned about S3 object migrations into our DobiMigrate product, making it available to everyone. We have tested it with the major S3 platforms including AWS to enable our customers’ journey to and from the cloud.”

DataDobi migration diagram.

The S3 migration facility covers migration from any vendor or public cloud S3 store to any vendor or public cloud S3 store. It moves objects and object metadata, and verifies object transfer correctness by hashing each object as it is migrated. A fresh hash is calculated at the target site, and the source and target hashes are compared. If they match, the transfer has been successful. 

DobiMigrate creates a report to show every single hash of every single object, which is kept for future auditing. This could be an extremely large report if millions of S3 objects are migrated.

Migration progress is tracked on a dashboard. A formal switchover process can be run once all the objects have been moved.

Dobimigrate dashboard
DobiMigrate dashboard

DobiMigrate pricing is based on the number of terabytes to be migrated. Customers buy a fresh license if more data needs to be migrated subsequently.