VMware plugs into persistent container storage with Cloudian and MinIO

VMware has added persistent container storage in a VMware Cloud Foundation update, via vSAN Data Persistence platform plug-ins with Cloudian and MinIO.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a software bundle for deploying operating and managing hybrid clouds. The stack includes ivSphere, vSAN, SDDC manager, NSX, and the vRealize suite.

VCF 4.2 adds:

  • vSAN Data Persistence platform to manage S3-compatible object storage via support for Cloudian and MinIO.
  • vSAN HCI Mesh disaggregates compute and storage resources in a hyperconverged system, helping to share capacity across vSAN clusters and scale resources more efficiently, 
  • NSX-T 3.1 Federation provides a cloud-like operating model for network admin staff, with centralised management, networking and policy configuration, and synchronised operational state across large-scale federated NSX-T deployments. 
  • SDDC Manager Security Hardening means links between SDDC Manager and other components are more secure. 

With NSX-T Federation, customers can use stretched networks and unified security policies across multi-region VCF deployments. This simplifies disaster recovery and moving workloads, VMware said.

The vSAN Data Persistence platform enables MinIo and Cloudian object storage to provision storage to Kubernetes-orchestrated containers. Cloudian HyperStore and MinIO Object Storage are available for VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu through this vSAN Data Persistence platform integration.

VCF 4.2 should be available between February and May. Customers can purchase the object storage offerings directly from Cloudian and MinIO.