Catalog bags $10 mil to fund DNA storage tech

DNA data storage startup Catalog has completed a $10m A series round and hired ex-IBMer David Turek as its first CTO.

The news was reported by Inside HPC – Catalog has not issued an announcement but Turek’s CTO position is visible on LinkedIn and Catalog’s website. He spent 21 years at IBM and was VP For Technical Computing at IBM’s OpenPOWER organisation. He says of Catalog; “It’s very cool. The intersection of HW, SW and Chemistry.”

Catalog’s $10m capital raise follows two seed rounds and takes total funding to $19.5m. The company will splash the cash on commercialising its DNA storage technology.

Turek says the company is weeks away from running commercial proofs of concept in multiple industries.

Catalog can encode data in DNA at 25MB/hour, according to Turek and he expects orders of magnitude improvements in performance and cost. The idea of DNA data storage is gaining momentum.

Tureks discusses DNA data storage in this video.