We need you, IT pros. How are you modernizing your databases in a hybrid world?

READER SURVEY Relational database systems are in many ways the workhorses of IT. But how are they holding up in the modern age?

There are newer types of data stores, such as NoSQL and graph databases, waiting in the wings, capable of handling large and complex datasets your business may accumulate.

Take those, and add in technologies designed to run seamlessly across a hybrid infrastructure – think containers, serverless applications, and cloud-native software – and fast-changing programs built on modern Agile, DevOps and CI/CD principles, and it’s possible your IT infrastructure, and in particular your storage, will be stressed in ways it was never designed for.

The question, then, is what are the best ways to deal with all of this?

For instance, what capabilities are missing from your infrastructure, and what would appropriately modern storage look like to you? How well do others in your organization understand the challenges and the opportunities? In this Register and Blocks & Files reader survey, we want to find what’s really going on.

Click here to take part. Once we have analysed the results, we will report back to you on the state of play.

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