Inspur leapfrogs Huawei to take second place in SPC-1 benchmark

Inspur has claimed the second spot in the SPC-1 benchmark, behind Fujitsu. Prior to the latest results, the Chinese systems vendor’s best SPC1 performance was 15th place.

Inspur used an all-flash AS5600G2 array for the tests, with eight dual-CPU controllers and 16 flash enclosures filled with 400 x 1.92TB SSDs.

SPC-1 tests business-class, block-access workloads with data that can be compressed and/or deduplicated. Inspur’s AS5600G2 is rated at 7,520,358 SPC-1 IOPS. The Fujitsu Eternus DX8900 S4 scores 10,001.522 IOPS. Huawei’s OceanStor 1800 V3, the previous second-placed system, is rated at 7,000,565 IOPS.

Inspur AS5600G2

In price per thousand IOPS terms, the Eternus is $644.16, the Inspur is much cheaper at $386.50, and Huawei’s OceanStor 1800 is $376.96.

At the moment SPC-1 looks like a benchmark arena for Chinese vendors to strut their stuff. NetApp is the sole US vendor in the top 10 SPC-1 charts. The company’s A800 ranks tenth, with 2,401,171 IOP and a price performance rating of $1,154.53. This is three times more expensive than the Inspur system.

NetApp posted that result was in July 2018. The company launched the top-end AFF A700 in October 2019 and it would be interesting to see how that performs on SPC-1.