Fujitsu Eternus array shatters SPC-1 storage benchmark

Fujitsu has set the new top score for the Storage Performance Council SPC-1 benchmark, scoring 10,001,522 IOPS with its ETERNUS DX8900 S4 array.

In SPC-1 benchmark terms this is the fastest storage array in the industry.

The SPC-1 v3 benchmark tests a storage array with a single business critical-type workload and supports deduplication and compression. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS DX8900 S4 is a high end and hybrid disk and flash array with six ‘nines availability and a compression engine.

It supports NVMe drives and 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel links. The test configuration was all-flash with 230,400GB of storage capacity using 576 x 400GB SAS SSDs, and linked to 44 servers.

SPIC-1 results summary table for ETERNUS DX8900 S4

The next highest-scoring system is a Huawei OceanStor 18000nV3, which achieved 7,000,565 IOPS. Another Huawei system, an OceanStor 18800F V5, is third with 6,000,572 IOPS.

As well as the fastest system tested the Fujitsu array is also the most expensive at $6,442,522.88. The second-placed Huawei system’s total price was $2,638,917.96.

By charting IOPS performance against cost per thousand IOPS we can get a better picture of how the DX8900 stacks up against other systems.

Fujitsu’s array is way out to the right in a category all of its own, leaving Huawei’s arrays behind in the dust.