Nasuni bolsters Cloud File Services with analytics support, migration tools


Nasuni has issued a major release of Cloud File Services, adding an analytics connector, migrators for AWS and Azure, plus support for Google Cloud Platform, NetApp StorageGRID and Nutanix Objects.

In effect Nasuni is constructing a global public cloud file fabric to replace on-premises filers. Its file services software unifies NAS filers into a global file system that can be used at a basic level to sync and share files across distributed sites through local cloud storage gateways. These are backed up by cloud file storage, using AWS and Azure, to provide more scale than on-premises NAS systems, with built-in backup, disaster recovery and other file services.

The Analytics Connector creates and exports a temporary second copy of customers’ file data for use with analytics software. This is similar in concept to Komprise’s virtual data lake. The copy can also be used for AI, machine learning and by data recognition tools such as AWS Rekognition and Macie.

The Connector supports search software, such as SharePoint Search, Acronis FilesConnect, and Cloudtenna.

Cloud Migrator for AWS sends Nasuni file data to AWS S3 and the Cloud Migrator for Azure sends the data to Azure Blob Storage. There is no Cloud Connector for GCP but the announced support for GCP suggests one is on its way.

Nasuni’s new release also adds support for NetApp StorageGRID and Nutanix Objects as repositories for file data. All enhancements will be available by the end of the year.