Nasuni buddies up with Cloudtenna to speed global file search

Nasuni has teamed up with Cloudtenna to improve the search function of Cloud File Services.

The pitch is that Nasuni’s Cloud File Services customers have large and distributed file data sets running into billions of files.

“File search infrastructure faces a unique set of requirements that goes beyond the footprint of traditional search infrastructure used for log-search and site-search,” Cloudtenna CEO Aaron Ganek said. “It has to be smart enough to reflect accurate file permissions. It has to be smart enough to derive context to boost search results and has to do all this in a fraction of second.

Cloudtenna’s DirectSearch is a recommendation engine that completes search queries on distributed billion-plus file datasets in less than a second. A recommendation engine is algorithmic code that predicts how a user would rate items in a list. 

Using DirectSearch, Nasuni customers “can always find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily within the entirety of their global file share,” Will Hornkohl, VP of alliances, said, “all while using a single login for all file sources and while conducting intelligent searches that reflect personalised contextual insights that are modelled on each individual user’s file activity, history, teams and relationships.”

DirectSearch has connectors to various storage repositories and SaaS apps and search results are personalised for each user; ranked for relevancy based on per-user and per-team file activity history.

The software uses distributed data set crawlers to locate new files in near-real-time so that file search results are up to date. The file indexing uses image and media analysis with Tensorflow.