Google endorses Elastifile Cloud File Service for GCP

Google is endorsing Elastifile’s Cloud File Service service for its cloud, despite having its own Cloud Filestore service.

Cloud Filestore supports NFS v3 and comes in standard (up to 180MB/sec and 5,000 IOPS) ) and premium (700MB/sec and 30,000 IOPS) editions.

Elastifile’s CFS has far wider file protocol support; NFS v3/4, SMB, AWS S3 and the Hadoop File System. It provides varying levels of service with differing cost and performance, and integrates tiering between file and object storage. Pricing for provisioned capacity starts at 10¢/GB/month.

CFS can scale out to support 1,000s of nodes and PBs of capacity, according to Elastifile, and deliver millions of IOPS. It features automated snapshots and asynchronous replication.

Elastifile CFS graphic.

A big appeal of Elastifile is that it runs both on-premises and in the cloud and so can function as a cloud on-ramp for Google. The two say It helps bridge the gap between traditional and cloud-native workflows, making cloud integration easier than ever before.

Dominic Preuss, Google’s director of product management, is cited as the co-writer of an Elastifile blog, along with Elastifile CEO Erwan Menard, and he says: “We’ve been working closely with Elastifile on this effort to bring you scale-out file services that complement our Cloud Filestore offering and help you meet high-performance storage needs.”

Preuss says there is a deep engineering partnership with Elastifile.

CFS is said to be well-suited for horizontal use cases such as persistent storage for Kubernetes, data resilience for pre-emptible cloud VMs and scalable Network Attached Storage (NAS) for cloud-native services. An example given is CFS used to run SAP on the Google cloud with NetWeaver and HANA workflows.

The intent to add CFS to the Google Cloud Platform was announced in December. Now the Elastifile Cloud File Service is actually available in the Google Cloud Marketplace.