Pure Storage buys Compuverde (IBM’s Spectrum NAS software supplier)

Pure Storage has bought NAS software supplier Compuverde, best known for making the software behind IBM’s Spectrum NAS product.

Compuverde was founded in 2008 by Stefan Bernbo, CEO, system architect Christian Melander and Roger Persson who is named in several software patent filings. The funding history is unknown though chairman Michael Blomqvist has been described as its financier.

The Compuverde team joins Pure Storage, which also gets to work with Compuverde’s partners.

The Swedish-based company sells vNAS and hyperconverged storage products, with vNAS scalable to more than 1000 nodes and capacity ranging from a 1TB to several EBs. The hyperconverged system is suitable for VMware vSphere, HyperV, XEN and KVM hypervisors.

At the time of the IBM deal in 2018 Compuverde software scaled out to 100s of nodes and featured self-healing capability, and erasure coding with data striped across nodes and locations, as well as disks. It supported NFS v3, v4, v4.1, as well as SMB v1. v2. v3, Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift.

Compuverde vNAS features in 2018

A virtual IP mechanism ensured all nodes in a cluster appear available at all times, even when a particular node is taken down for upgrade or has failed, and the software supports intelligent locking and snapshots.

IBM Spectrum NAS was targeted at home directories, general and virtual machine file serving, and to provide NAS storage for Microsoft applications.

Pure flying into filers

Pure says the acquisition will expand file capabilities. Charles Giancarlo, Pure’s Chairman and CEO, stated: “We’re excited about the opportunities that the Compuverde team and technology bring to Pure’s existing portfolio. As IT strategies evolve, enterprises look to leverage the innovations of the public cloud in conjunction with their on-prem solutions.”

Blocks & Files expects Pure to use Compuverde software in the public cloud as well as offer all-flash filers. Watch out,Elastifile, Isilon, NetApp, Panasas, Qumulo and WekaIO.

Acquisition details are not revealed and the deal is expected to close this month.