Pliops gets funding to build GPU-like Storage Processing Unit

Pliops has secured a $30m investment to bring its Storage Processing Unit into production and is targeting a launch in mid-2019.

The Israeli company aims to accelerate storage stack processing for hyperscale companies that use applications such as MySQL and Cassandra cloud databases.

“Storage stack” encompasses storage work by the application as well as the storage IO processing steps by the Linux OS on the host server. Pliops’ hardware accelerator will speed both aspects.

We envisage an add-in PCIe card containing specialised semiconductor hardware and firmware – ASICs or FPGAs, for example.  Pliops says its technology can interface to local storage on the host or external flash storage using NVMe over Fabrics.

Blocks & Files view of Pliops scheme

Pliops says its product will enable more efficient scaling, via a 90 per cent reduction in compute load, a 20x reduction in network traffic, a 50x improvement to latency, and over 10x application throughput. 

Pliops emerged from stealth late last year. The new funding follows seed and A-round funding of $10m.