Quantum dedupes DXi hardware range from 3 to 2 models

Quantum has refreshed its DXI deduplicating backup-to-storage array appliance line, replacing three hardware models with just two.

Two high-end models, the DXi6900 and DXi6900S (a DXI6900 with added SSDs to store metadata and speed internal operations), have been replaced with a single DXi9000 product.

The low-end DX4700 has been replaced with the DXi4800. The new products store more backup data and ingest it faster than their predecessors.

DXi products offers multi-protocol access: CIFS/NFS, VTL, OST, and VDMS, and are Integrated with all leading backup applications, with deeper integration with Veeam and Veritas NetBackup OST.

Old models

DXi6900  2U system Node, 2U Expansion node

  • 17TB – 510TB usable (pre-dedupe)
  • Up to 18TB/hour
  • Up to 32TB/hr with DXi Accent (backup server does dedupe before sending data to the DXi)
  • HDD – 4TB SED (Self-Encrypting Drives)
Quantum DXi front bezel.

DXi6900S – provided industry-best density at launch and faster performance than DXi6900 by leveraging SSDs for metadata operations. 2U system Node, 2U Expansion node

  • 34TB – 544TB usable 
  • Up to 24TB/hour
  • UP to 37TB/hr with DXi Accent
  • HDD – 8TB
  • 13 x 800GB SSD

DXi4700 – 2U system node, 2U expansion node

  • 5TB – 135TB usable
  • Up to 7.9TB/hour
  • Up to 16.9TB/hour with DXi Accent
  • HDD – 4TB

New products

DXi9000 – for enterprise data centres – 2U system node, 2U expansion node

  • 51TB to 1.02PB
  • Up to 24TB/hour 
  • Up to 37TB/hour with DXi Accent
  • HDD – 12TB SED
  • SSD – 16 x 960GB

The DXi9000 is the first such appliance to use 12TB disk drives, giving it a density advantage, and enabling it to store twice as much as the DXi6900S. Ingest speeds are the same as the DXi6900S.

DXi4800 – for small and remote sites – 2U system node, 2U expansion node

  • 8TB to 171TB usable
  • Up to 12TB/hour 
  • Up to 34TB/hour with DXi Accent
  • HDD – 4 and 8TB SED – better than DXi4700

DXi4800 ingest speed is much faster than the DXi4700.

Quantum’s announcement states: “With the addition of flash to the DXi4800 node, operations such as backup, restore, replication, and space reclamation are significantly accelerated to improve overall data management.”

However, the DXi4800 datasheet specifications do not list any SSDs. They are listed for the DXi9000 and were listed for the previous DXi6900S

Quantum tells us the DXi4800 uses “480GB of SSD, in the node, for metadata operations”.

Exagrid has a much faster high-end deduping appliance. Its  EX63000E product scales to a 2PB full backup in a single system with an ingest rate of over 400TB per hour.

Quantum’s DXi V-Series; virtual appliances using DXi software, with 1TB – 24TB of usable capacity, continues as before.

The new products are available now. Quantum has not released pricing information.