SNIA open-sources CDMI cloud storage standard

The  Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) this week open-sourced the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) v2.0 standard, with the aim of encouraging the wider storage community to join in and help speed development.

In practical terms, the  move  means that the SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) can now accept pull (change) requests on the CDMI specification from non-SNIA members. 

Blocks and Files thinks CDMI is a worthwhile initiative that should help unify object data management.  The standard defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the public cloud.

SNIA CDMI diagram

It has the ability to work alongside OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 Models. CDMI clients can manage containers and the data placed in them.

The SNIA says CDMI provides end users with “hassle-free data access, data protection and data migration form one cloud service to another.”  By “data” it effectively means object storage data.

David Slik, co-chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage TWG, said; “There are currently more than 20 products that meet the CDMI specification.  By opening the specification repository, we hope to speed the development of this and other standards.”

That list contains 24 products – however…  it includes a contribution  from Coho Data, a defunct vendor, four products powered by Scality which are essentially the same, and two NetApp storageGRID products, which are also essentially the same. So let’s settle on 19 products and note  that the list does not include Caringo, Cloudian, IBM COS, Hitachi’s Content Platform, Dell EMC, OpenIO and many others. Filer suppliers are also absent.

The first release of the CDMI 2.0 specification is expected in the second half of 2019. If you have ideas get contributing. B&F