TS Cloud and Google link arms, dangle AI data readiness package

Google Cloud Premier Partner TS Cloud has announced the launch of its Enterprise AI Development and Management Service, which aims to help businesses build and deploy their own AI platforms, using their own data.

The overall goal is to allow firms to take the first steps towards integrating AI into their daily business operations, says the Singapore-headquartered provider.

Founded in 2017, TS Cloud operates across the Asia-Pacific region and provides a variety of cloud services to organizations across different industries.

The Enterprise AI Development and Management Service leverages Google Vertex AI, combined with other Google Cloud services, to provide the offering, which is charged on a monthly basis after initial deployment costs.

Users only need to prepare their data, and TS Cloud will handle the AI development, training, and integration into the user’s environment. This allows businesses to interact with and search their internal data using AI, “significantly reducing the time and costs associated with internal communication,” the developer promises.

The main benefits cited for the service include improved operational efficiency through optimized business processes as a result of AI automation, cost reduction by minimizing manual labor, and quick implementation by “easily” building and launching AI with “simple” steps.

There is also professional support from a dedicated team throughout the implementation, maintenance, and training phases. Data security requirements are promised to be met as a result of the data being stored in Google Cloud Storage, “protecting it from external access.”

Practical applications supported by the service include an onboarding hub for new hires, an internal catalog/product search, an inter-departmental help desk, and customer support assistance.

“In these applications, AI can take over tasks that previously required significant time and effort from internal resources, saving both time and costs,” TS Cloud noted.

As for the service pricing, AI development and delivery starts at SGD 4,400 ($3,260). Initially, a 50 percent deposit is required to create a test environment, where the AI’s responses to real data can be evaluated. If “deemed suitable for business use,” the remaining 50 percent will be charged to deploy the production environment.

A maintenance and additional training fee of SGD 440 ($326) per month is then levied after delivery, which includes Google Cloud usage fees. For these two prices, Blocks & Files has asked TS Cloud what the data capacity is for the AI workloads handled as part of the package. When we get the information we’ll include it here.

Earlier this year, Nasuni added a data management capability to its distributed cloud-based file services, pitched as a way to get unstructured data ready for use by AI processes.

And in May, data collaboration startup Atlan raised $105 million in a Series C round, to help it continue developing its control plane-based software, as demand for AI data readiness solutions increases. That raise brought total funding to $206 million.