Rubrik expands SaaS app data protection to Jira Cloud

Rubrik has signaled a move into protecting SaaS applications, with data protection for Atlassian’s Jira Cloud now available.

The company protects on-premises data with both backup and cyber-resiliency, it says. It moved into SaaS application protection with Microsoft 365 and Alcion. Now it’s extending this to protect DevOps data in Jira with retention policies, multi-factor authentication, and encryption for data in flight and at rest.

Rubrik bloggers Kim Lambert and Stacie Poon said: “DevOps data inside SaaS applications is critical to employee engagement and how functional teams like IT, Engineering and Development, Product, and Support collaborate. Loss of this data has the potential to significantly slow down engineering development lifecycles and affect product launches, management of strategic projects, and day-to-day business operations.”

Anneka Gupta, Rubrik chief product officer, said in a statement: “Rubrik has rethought the way SaaS data protection is done and found a way to easily protect modern workplace applications in the same secure platform that protects enterprise, multi-cloud, and unstructured data. Customers can not only secure Jira Cloud data alongside their other business data, but also quickly recover the data they need, when they need it.”

Rubrik’s SaaS app protection includes:

  • Air-gapped and access-controlled backups
  • Policy-based backup rules that can be set according to backup frequency and retention requirements
  • Locating and restoring the right data from the right point-in-time, with visibility into modifications and deletions over time and at a granular level
  • Keeping relational data intact for more comprehensive recovery
  • Unified reporting for audits with Rubrik’s Security Cloud platform

There is a shared responsibility scheme with SaaS apps – software services delivered by an application provided across the internet by providers such as Atlassian, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. The app provider protects their infrastructure but not a customer’s data. That is the responsibility of the customer.

Rubrik believes malicious deletion is the leading cause of SaaS data loss, followed by accidental deletions, configuration changes, and other user errors.

Moving on from this Microsoft 365 and Jira Cloud base, Rubrik plans to support Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google Workspace, Dynamics 365, and more SaaS apps in the future.

It is trailing HYCU, which is leading the way in educating users and providing connectors to enable SaaS app providers and their customers to invoke backup. HYCU now has more than 50 connectors to SaaS applications, with protected apps including Asana, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Management, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Miro, Notion, Salesforce, Typeform, Terraform, and more. Other data protectors in the SaaS app protection space include Asigra and Druva.


Rubrik’s move presages a general shift by the data protection mainstream into SaaS apps. Traditional vendors such as Veritas and Commvault, as well as newer suppliers such as Cohesity, will now face pressure to do more as a result.