OwnBackup becomes Own Company, launches Discover SaaS data analyzer

Mainstream SaaS app data protector OwnBackup is renaming itself the Own Company and putting out a Discover product that finds and analyzes historical SaaS backup data.

The Israeli startup, founded in 2012, initially backed up customer data in the Salesforce SaaS application. This was successful and it attracted significant VC funding, including from Salesforce, with investment rounds annually from 2016 to 2021 totalling more than $500 million and giving it unicorn status. At that point it protected Sage Business Cloud Financials, Veeva (life sciences) and nCino (financial data) as well as Salesforce. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power platform protection support was added in August 2021 and ServiceNow support came in June last year.

CTO Adrian Kunzle said in a statement: “For the first time, customers can easily access all of their historical SaaS data to understand their businesses better, and I’m excited to see our customers unleash the potential of their backups and activate their data as a strategic asset.”

Own says it’s committed to helping customers ensure the availability, compliance, and security of mission-critical data, and being able to use that data in their business.

CEO Sam Guttman said: “When we established the Company eight years ago, we were primarily a backup and recovery product. Today, we are a full service SaaS data platform, and as our company has evolved, so have our product offerings and brand identity. The new name reflects the fact that we empower our customers to own their own data, unlocking more ways to transform their businesses.”

Own Discover enables customers to look into their backed up SaaS data, access it in a self-service way with output in a time-series format and use it to:

  • Analyze their historical SaaS data to identify trends and uncover activity patterns,
  • Train machine learning models,
  • Integrate SaaS data to external systems while maintaining security and governance.

Own says Discover “provides zero-ETL to reduce the need for data engineering and development resources while also eliminating the overhead of building a data warehouse.” 

Some Own Discover use cases.


The number of SaaS app data protection suppliers is increasing. While some are intent on increasing the number of SaaS apps they protect by developing or obtaining more connectors – think HYCU and Asigra for example – Own is not going down that route. Instead, it’s keeping its focus on mission-critical SaaS apps and wants its customers to be able to use the data that it accumulates for historical analysis.

An Own spokesperson told us: “Our strategy is to protect and activate our customers’ critical SaaS data. We intend to keep innovating, bringing new solutions to our existing ecosystems, as well as expand into new ecosystems.”

Its datasheet is here.


Although OwnBackup says it is now the Own Company, its website uses a single word Own brand and its URL is https://www.owndata.com/.