Nutanix boosts Data Lens to hunt ransomware faster

Nutanix says it updated its Data Lens SaaS software to detect a threat within 20 minutes, help prevent further damage, and start a single-click recovery process.

Nutanix SVP Lee Caswell told B&F last year that Data Lens, a cloud-based data governance service, helps customers proactively assess and mitigate security risks. Data Lens applies real-time analytics and anomaly detection algorithms to unstructured data stored on Nutanix Unified Storage platform. The latest version adds the 20-minute attack detection timing and Nutanix Object support to the existing Nutanix Files support.

Thomas Cornely, SVP, Product Management at Nutanix, said: “With these new ransomware detection and recovery features, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides built-in ransomware protection, data visibility and automated data governance for Nutanix Files and Objects across clouds to simplify data protection and strengthen an organization’s cyber resilience posture.”

Nutanix Data Lens
Data Lens screenshot

Data Lens detects known ransomware variants through signature recognition. Unknown variants are detected by behavioral monitoring using audit trail data to find access pattern anomalies. Admin and other nominated staff receive real-time ransomware attack alerts. They can stop the attack, find out which files have been affected and recover them manually or automatically from the latest clean snapshots.

Robert Pohjanen, IT Architect at Nutanix customer LKAB, added: “Tools like Data Lens give us the insights we need to understand who is accessing our data, if it’s appropriate access, or if there is an attempt to misuse or attack our data. The forensics and the new permissions and access risk views are important tools to keep our data safe from malicious users, or from threats such as ransomware.”

The 20-minute detection window suggests that snapshots, at least of critical files and objects, need to be taken with no more than 20 minute intervals, and preferably even shorter time gaps.

Scott Sinclair, practice director with the Enterprise Strategy Group, commented: “Rapid detection and rapid recovery are two of the most critical elements in successful ransomware planning, yet remain a challenge for many organizations especially as they manage data across multiple clouds.” Nutanix now has “cyber resilience integrated at the unstructured data layer to simplify cyber resilience while accelerating both detection and recovery.”

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