Acronis license validation goes AWOL as company cops to ‘bug in the database software’

Users are reporting problems with Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office that effectively invalidate license keys and render the product inoperable.

Cyber Protect Home Office, originally known as Acronis True Image, creates a full system image – directories, files and metadata – of a system which can be used for recovery if it is hit by a malware attack or user errors. It can provide file and directory-level backups as specified by a user. The software agent can run full or incremental backups with backup stored on a local disk, a separate computer or in Acronis’s cloud. The software can also clone drives and partitions and sync folders between computer systems running the software or a cloud instance.

An Acronis customer told us: “My copy of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (at least the Backup/Restore component) has certainly been U/S for 24 hours now.”

We have asked Acronis what is happening and a spokesperson told us: “Some Acronis customers unfortunately experienced issues accessing their accounts due to database corruption on one of the cluster nodes related to a software bug in the database software. No data is lost. We are increasing the number of cluster nodes to avoid performance degradation in the future.” Acronis now says the problem has been fixed and is over.

The main difference between Cyber Protect Home Office and True Image Cyber Protect Home Office is that it includes antivirus, web filtering, and ransomware protection features in a built-in security suite. It also detects illicit crypto-mining, Zoom and Teams injection attacks, and malicious websites.

When a user purchases a subscription to Cyber Protect Home Office, the product has to be activated by sending a key to Acronis.

Acronis on Reddit
Reddit users started noticing problems two days ago.

Our Acronis customer said: “Some potentially significant internal server issues appear to be going down at Acronis, causing products to deactivate (since they currently don’t appear to be able to ‘phone home’ to validate licences keys at runtime). Also User Login accounts [are] responding with an Error 500. I just ‘spoke’ to their Online Support Chat, who confirmed that they are ‘currently experiencing Internal Server issues’ – ETA resolution currently unknown.”

Some users have taken to Twitter to complain: 

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