Acronis updates True Image, 2020-style

Acronis has a fresh release of its True Image PC-tablet disk image backup and cloning software, with faster performance and better anti-malware defences.

It can stop ransomware and crypto-jacking attacks in real time, automatically restoring any affected files, Acronis claimed.

True Image supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems. The latest release, True Image 2020, enables users to automatically replicate local backups in the cloud so they can have a local copy of disk image as well as a further backup in the cloud for added protection.

There are more than 100 point enhancements in the update, which is presented under a cyber protection banner and combines data protection and security attributes.

True Image 2020 has a new backup format that delivers faster backup and recovery speeds. It also enables users to browse files in their cloud backups more quickly.

True Image 2020 desktop screen.

Other enhancements include Wi-Fi network selection and the prevention of backups when a device is operating on battery power. There are also improved machine learning models for detecting malware attacks.

There are three versions; Standard, Advanced and Premium, with pricing from $49.99 for Standard and Advanced editions and $99.99 for the Premium version.