Storage news ticker – April 26

Kioxia XG8 storage
Kioxia XG8 storage

Ethernet adapter supplier Chelsio Communications has introduced its seventh-generation T7 Unified Wire DPU (SmartNIC). It is built with up to eight Arm Cortex A72 cores for embedded applications’ control path processing, gen 7 Very Large Instruction Word (VLIW) processor for storage, networking, and security protocol processing at up to 400Gbit/s, using 56Gbit PAM4 SerDes, and PCIe 5.0 x16.

The T7 can be a Root Complex and/or End Point, a PCIe switch, and an Ethernet switch. It supports prior T5 and T6 functionality plus hardware-based acceleration for RoCEv2, compression, dedupe, erasure coding, root of trust, and other features.

Chelsio T7 storage infrastructure
Chelsio T7 graphic

T7 is expected to provide a solid fabric replacement for InfiniBand for GPU clusters or HPC installations. Chelsio said the T7 has several confirmed OEM wins already in the cloud, storage, and server space. T7 DPU ASICs will be sampling in 3Q22 and is expected to be in production on first silicon within one quarter.   

Hitachi Vantara, which has had a 10-year relationship with customer BMW Group, has signed a further six-year strategic partnership agreement with the car maker to sell its high-end all-NVMe flash VSP 5600 storage array. This will be provided via the consumption-based EverFlex as-a-Service offering. It says this hybrid cloud deployment will take up less datacenter floorspace and need less electrical power than the systems it replaces. Hitachi Vantara says it will support the BMW Group in 10 countries, including Germany, the USA, Japan, China, and the UK.

China’s Inspur has a new Enterprise NVMe SSD which it says is among the fastest PCIe 4 SSDs available. It comes in the U.2 (2.5-inch) format and is built from an unnamed supplier’s 3D NAND in  0.96, 1.6, 1.92, 3.2, 3.84, 6.4, and 7.68TB capacities. The maximum random read/write IOPS numbers are 1.5 million/400,000, the sequential read bandwidth is 7GB/sec, and sequential write is 5GB/sec. It has a four-lane PCIe 4 interface with Inspur’s AIPR (Asynchronous Independent Plane Read) technology to widen the data access channel between the main controller and NAND, which it says greatly improves the back-end performance. The drive has Zoned Namespace (ZNS) support but customers will need to independently develop the upper-layer software for this.

The drive is rated at 2.6 million hours MTBF, and supports up to 10,000 Phase/Erase cycles. A dynamic eight-level power consumption adjustment mechanism can improve energy efficiency by over 70 percent compared to previous generations. A key-value format will be supported in the future along with EDFSFF and PCIe 5.

Kioxia is sampling a new XG8 PCIe 4.0 gumstick SSD in single-sided M./2 (2280) format. It is a successor to the XG7 and has the same 512GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacity range. Both are high-end client drives for use by OEMs in notebooks, gaming systems, and desktops. Like the XG7, the XG8 has optional TCG Pyrite 2.01 and TCG Opal SSC 2.01 support. It is built from BiCS gen 5 flash with 112 layers using TLC format.

The XG7 used BiCS gen 4 at 96 layers in TLC. Kioxia told us the XG8 has 2x the performance of the (PCIe 3) XG6, which would mean, taken literally, around 710,000/730,000 random read/write IOPS, 6GB/sec sequential reads, and 4.4GB/sec sequential writes.

Media and video storage workflow systems supplier Quantum has a new H4000 Essential system which integrates  its CatDV media asset management and  StorNext 7 shared storage software on the H4000 hybrid flash/disk storage hardware platform. This H4000 Essential bundle provides highly available shared storage and automatic content indexing, discovery, and workflow collaboration for small creative teams. It doesn’t need specialised IT admin staff or skills, can be up and running in minutes, and integrates media management and storage so creative teams can spend less time searching for content.

Quantum CatDV is  pre-installed and pre-configured for use by up to 10 named users, including use of Adobe Premiere Pro CatDV Panel.The system has integration with Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software for remote, proactive system monitoring. There are available archiving plugins for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, or choice of S3-compatible storage.

TeamGroup has announced the upgrade of its ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 Standard Memory with an increased frequency from 4,800MHz to 5,600MHz with the same 1.1V voltage. It’s available in different capacities, including 2X8GB, 2X16GB, and 2X32GB, and has been sent to major motherboard manufacturers for verification.