Up to $5m compensation if Rubrik Cloud Vault recovery busted

Rubrik has extended its ransomware recovery warranty, telling customers that if recovery from its Cloud Vault is screwed then it will give them up to $5 million.

Cloud Vault is SaaS archival service built on Azure. It maintains immutable and instantly recoverable copies of critical data in a secured and isolated cloud location, using Azure Blob storage, fully-managed by Rubrik. The benefit is that it sold to enable customers to survive cyber-attacks and avoid making ransomware payments by safeguarding data.

The warranty extension is designed so that Rubrik Cloud Vault customers have the assurance that Rubrik will pay up to $5m in recovery-related costs, in the event Rubrik is unable to recover secured data following a cyber attack.

A statement from Bipul Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Rubrik, said: “Whether your data lives within your enterprise or in the cloud, you’re backed by a warranty and assurance that your data will be secure and available no matter what.”

Rubrik’s ransomware recovery warranty was announced in October last year for its for Enterprise Edition SaaS offering.

A customer, Jack Higgins, network analyst at the Walton County Board of Education, said: “Rubrik’s Ransomware Warranty extension is another bold move from the company and adds an additional layer of reassurance that Rubrik is committed to securing and recovering our data.”  

This strengthening of the Rubrik-Azure relationship follows Microsoft making an equity investment in Rubrik in August last year. The development of Zero Trust anti-ransomware services was part of that deal.

As far as we know Rubrik’s ransomware recovery warranty is unique and so provides a powerfully differentiated marketing tool. It is a little surprising that no other vendors have followed Rubrik and started offering their own versions of a recovery warranty. An intriguing question is whether Rubrik will eventually extend its recovery warranty to equivalent services on AWS and GCP.