Panzura’s Cloud Mirror provides multi-cloud high availability

Cloud file sync-and-sharer Panzura has upped its game three ways: cloud outage failover, shared NFS and SMB access, and Hyper-V support.

This so-called Data Flex release means Panzura’s CloudFS customers need no longer suffer an outage when their cloud goes down, can have SMB and NFS users access the same files at the same time, and Hyper-V hypervisor users as well as VMware vSphere users get access to Panzura’s facilities.

The announcement quote came from Panzura’s chief innovation officer, Edward M.L. Peters: “Our customers operate in an environment that can span virtualizations and cloud providers. It only makes sense that they want a simplified way to access, share and collaborate on files no matter what multi-hypervisor or multi-cloud configuration they use.”

Cloud outage failover is provided through a cloud mirroring feature and it enables, Panzura says, enterprise-grade high availability, built-in multi-cloud orchestration, and automation. CloudFS simultaneously places the same set of data in two separate object stores in real time, providing multi-cloud redundancy. If there is a primary cloud outage or security issue with one cloud provider CloudFS can immediately failover data, applications and workloads to a secondary cloud provider, an organisation’s private cloud, or both.

Users can seamlessly continue work with no loss of data while the primary object store remains offline. Cloud FS re-syncs the impacted storage volumes when they come back online. Panzura customers get more uptime and can also remain in compliance with strict SLAs for regulatory and contractual uptime mandates.

Peters said “When you lose access to crucial data, financial losses mount with every minute that passes – and the reputational damage can be crippling. With the new failover capabilities of Panzura CloudFS, you will continue working as if an outage never happened.”

The mixed NFS-SMB mode allows users with file shares and storage via both NFS and SMB connections to access, share and update the same data, eliminating redundant workflows and data silos.

Panzura’s Hyper-V support enables IT departments to consolidate data and native applications for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint that require low latency and high-performance access, backup and storage, onto Cloud FS. This, together with shared NFS-SMB access and cloud high availability, ups Panzura’s enterprise credentials considerably.