Kastenated – Backblaze partners Veeam’s container protection BU

Storage pod
Storage pod

Kasten — a business unit of Veeam dedicated to protecting Kubernetes application data — has added Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to its set of supported backup target systems.

Nilay Patel.

B2 Cloud Storage is an S3-compatible public cloud object store with Object Lock capabilities to prevent ransomware corrupting or deleting its stored backups.

Nilay Patel, VP of sales and partnerships at Backblaze, offered a statement: “Kubernetes containers are the standard for many organisations building, deploying, and scaling applications with portability and efficiency. Backblaze and Kasten together offer a compelling solution to support these organisations’ business continuity needs with set-it-and-forget-it ease and cost effectiveness.”

Kasten’s K10 product protects Kubernetes-orchestrated containerised applications. It supports backing up the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, Nutanix Karbon, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure Stack, and others, and sending backup to NFS, EMC and NetApp for example, and S3 targets. These include AWS, Azure, Google, MinIO and Scality object storage, meaning both on-premises and public cloud targets. B2 Cloud Storage has now been added to the list.

Backblaze charges customers by storage capacity used ($0.005/GB/month vs AWS $0.021/GB/month) and has low data egress fees ($0.01/GB vs AWS S3’s $0.05/GB) — differentiating it from the the main public clouds. With B2 there are no data retention penalties for deleting past backups either.