Storage News Ticker – November 9

Nvidia has announced a zero-trust cybersecurity platform based around its BlueField DPUs, DOCA (Data Center-on-a-Chip Architecture) BlueField programming environment and the Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework. DOCA 1.2’s zero-trust features, available as containers, that include software and hardware authentication, hardware-accelerated line-rate data encryption, support for distributed firewalls and smart telemetry, and policy enforcement such as role-based access control and security isolation between microservices or tenants. The graphics firm claims this will help its development partners improve security in datacentres by isolating applications from infrastructure, supercharging next-generation firewalls and bringing the power of accelerated computing and deep learning to continuously monitor and detect threats. On the latter point, Nvidia is claiming this is at speeds up to 600x faster than servers without Nvidia acceleration.

Toshiba has reported record nearline disk units and exabytes shipments for the third 2021 quarter. It shipped 2.83 million units, up almost 68 per cent from a year ago, and 33.333 exabytes shipped, a 100 per cent year-on-year increase. Since 2019, Toshiba has posted 10 of 11 quarters of positive year-over-year growth of nearline HDD capacity shipped. John Chen, VP at TrendFocus, said: “Toshiba was able to increase total [nearline] market share by 80 basis points from the prior quarter to 21.6 per cent.”

TrendFocus estimates that there was ~253.4.7 exabytes of nearline HDD capacity shipped in Q3 2021, an increase of over 70 per cent year on year and up four per cent over the last quarter. Its data implies total nearline HDD revenue at ~$3.772 billion in Q321, up 8 per cent over the last quarter. This equates to ~60.5 per cent of total HDD industry revenue, which stood at ~$6.238 billion in Q321. Nearline HDD capacity shipped surpassed 70 per cent of total HDD capacity ship for the first time — standing at 71.4 per cent of total HDD capacity shipped in Q321. Seagate and Western Digital had roughly 43.2 per cent and 43.7 per cent nearline capacity ship share in the September quarter (vs 42.9 per cent and 43.0 per cent in Q2Q21), while Toshiba’s capacity ship share stood at 13.1 per cent (vs 14.1 per cent in Q221). (Thanks to Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers for these numbers.)