Three go mining for backup gold: Arcserve, Nutanix and Sophos

Arcserve has announced N-Series appliances, delivering integrated hyperscale backup, recovery, and ransomware protection to enterprise customers, thus joining Veeam, HYCU and Commvault, but with added security

Arcserve has existing UDP (Unified Data Protection) appliances that integrate backup, disaster recovery and back-end cloud storage and partners Sophos for security. The N-Series is an extended UDP appliance with Nutanix Mine software, Arcserve’s UDP and Sophos’s Intercept X Advanced for Server product. 

Shridar Subramanian, Arcserve CMO, issued an announcement statement: at Arcserve, “Our partnership with Nutanix and the resulting Arcserve N-Series data protection appliances are perfect examples of the value-add we bring to partners. We have built in the best value while eliminating all complexity and unnecessary overhead in management, maintenance, and support.”

Mine is a Nutanix HCI software intended to provide secondary (backup) storage management through the same Prism management layer as Nutanix’s primary storage-based hyperconverged (HCI) products.  

Arcserve N-Series appliance rack.

The N-Series appliances protect physical Windows and Linux hosts, Nutanix AHV, Nutanix Files, VMware and Hyper-V workloads, AWS EC2, and Azure VM with a single user interface. They provide SLA reporting, built-in, fully automated non-disruptive recovery testing, and support for tiering to disk, tape, and cloud storage, as well as cross-hypervisor recovery and flexible licensing.

N-Series features include:

  • Nutanix Mine data-at-rest encryption, a hardened architecture, and comprehensive access controls built into the system;
  • Cybersecurity to detect known and unknown malware;
  • Data security to respond and remove threats, including never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks;
  • Deployment automation to eliminate risks during installation and configuration;
  • Integration with Nutanix Prism management console for simplified management.

On the move

Arcserve is on the move. It merged with StorageCraft in March, and so gained backup for Office365, G Suite and other SaaS options, and OneXafe, a converged, scale-out storage product.

In March, Arcserve laid the groundwork for this N-Series appliance with version 8.0 of its UDP designed to protect an organisation’s infrastructure, including hyperconverged systems, from data loss, cybercriminals, and persistent threats like ransomware — by using Sophos technology and AWS S3 Object Lock immutable storage, as an alternative to OneXafe. Version 8.0 protected Nutanix Files and can use Nutanix Objects as a target.

Nutanix Mine is featured in product combinations from data protectors Veeam, HYCU and Commvault, with Arcserve now joining this trio, differentiating its offering with the Sophos software.

Prasad Athawale, Nutanix’s VP for Business Development, said: “The combination of our industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure, with cutting-edge cybersecurity and trusted backup and disaster recovery in a simple cloud-scale data protection turnkey appliance, is an extremely powerful solution for our partners and customers.”

Mini interview

We asked Arcserve’s  Florian Malecki, Senior International Director of Marketing, a couple of questions.

Blocks and Files: Does the N-Series have deduplication? 

Malecki: Yes, Arcserve UDP has global source-side deduplication for all sources protected, with the efficiency starting at the agent and included for off-site replication as well. Data resilience and reduction is also available via RF & Erasure coding with Nutanix, and the efficiency of Nutanix Objects, which is the destination for UDP backups.

Blocks and Files: Why should customers choose the Arcserve/Nutanix Mine /Sophos appliance instead of the Veeam/Nutanix Mine appliance, HYCU Nutanix Mine appliance, and Commvault Nutanix Mine appliance? They are all the same boxes, aren’t they? If not, why not? The Arcserve differentiation looks to be Sophos.

Malecki: Security for the backup environment with Sophos integration is just one differentiator. This is a bundled solution including hardware, Nutanix Platform, Sophos and UDP data protection licenses all in a single solution delivered via Arcserve. Better TCO, agility, simplicity for customers — with a single point of contact via Arcserve Support.

The single point of contact via Arcserve support is an important benefit and differentiator. The competitive alternative requires channel organisations to procure from different  vendors, put it together, deploy and manage while dealing with multi-vendor support — which is costly, cumbersome and inefficient.


Arcserve N-Series appliances will be available in September worldwide through Arcserve’s network of authorised resellers and distributors. Download an N-Series datasheet here.