There can be only one? Infinidat co-CEO departs the scene

Infinidat co-CEO Kariel Sadler left the company without fanfare last month. His departure may pave the way for the appointment of a sole CEO.

Eran Brown, Infinidat’s EMEA and APAC field CTO also left the firm in December, to work for AWS. Dan Shprung, EVP EMEA and APJ, left Infinidat in October to join Model9 as Chief Revenue Officer.

Sandler’s LinkedIn profile reveals he stopped working at the enterprise large array supplier in December, after nearly ten years with the company. He now describes himself as “Ex co-CEO at Infinidat.”

Kariel Sandler

Infinidat instituted the co-CEO scheme in May last year, following the sideways move of founder and CEO Moshe Yanai to become Chief Technology Evangelist.

Infinidat outsider Boaz Chalamish became executive chairman of the board. COO Kariel Sandler and CFO Nir Simon were appointed as Co-CEOs, nominally replacing Yanai.

The co-CEO function started looking shaky in November when Shahar Bar-Or was hired from Western Digital and appointed Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Infinidat’s Israel operations. He reports directly to executive chairman Boaz Chalamish. In our view, this makes Chalamish effectively the CEO of the company.

Sandler was a long-time associate of Yanai, working with him at IBM, which acquired XIV, and XIV before Infinidat was started up.

Infinidat is being sued by a group of ex-employees and employees for alleged wrongfully diluting share options.