Dell powers up PowerProtect product portfolio

Dell has upgraded the PowerProtect data protection line-up with Data Manager Kubernetes support and new hardware appliances.

There are three types of PowerProtect appliances: DD Series (Data Domain) backup targets; IPDA DP Series products running Avamar software for SMB customers; and X400 products running PowerProtect software for larger customers. PowerProtect software is also available on its own to run in virtual machines (VMs) on-premises or in the public cloud.

Jeff Boudreau, head of Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group, emphasised the need for different products in his press statement: “Data protection is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Dell Technologies continues to advance our target and integrated appliances portfolio and software-defined data protection offerings.”

DP series

The DP Series provides backup, recovery, replication, deduplication, cloud readiness with disaster recovery, and long-term retention to the public cloud. Dell is boosting the hardware with up to 30 per cent more logical capacity, 38 per cent faster backups and 45 per cent quicker restores.

PowerProtect DP Series chassis.

There are now the original DP4400 plus new DP5400, DP5900 and DP8900 models, which succeed the DP5300, DP5800, DP8300 and DP8800. A datasheet summarises their main characteristics.

November 2020 DP Series product portfolio

A comparison with the old IDPA DP Series product table shows the various speed and capacity improvements.

May 2019 IDPA DP Series portfolio

Data Manager

We note PowerProtect Data Manager added protection for Kubernetes-orchestrated containers running alongside vSphere virtual machines in September. This was part of VMware’s Tanzu initiative to combine virtual machine and container support in vSphere. 

Data Manager provides agentless, application-consistent protection of open source databases, such as PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra, in Kubernetes environments. Customers can now also protect Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

The software protects in-cloud workloads in Microsoft Azure and AWS, and new integrations provide native vCenter Storage Policy Based Management integration for VM protection. Workflows within a VMware vSphere environment can be used to assign data protection policies. 

There is also a VMware-certified Data Manager offering to protect the VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure layer.

One more thing

Dell’s Cyber Recovery software provides provides automated data recovery from a secure, isolated vault to ensue clean data. It is the first product to receive endorsement from Sheltered Harbour, a not-for-profit org that aims to improve IT security in the financial sector.